Monthly Returns Report

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has witnessed series of changes since its extraction from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in 1958. The Immigration Department at that time was entrusted with the core Immigration duties under the headship of the Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO). The department in its embryonic stage operated under the Immigration Ordinance of 1958. At inception the department had a narrow operational scope and at that time, only the Visa and Business Sections were set up. The Immigration Service has since grown and embraced international best practices and currently receives Monthly Returns from each company granted Approval to engage Expatriate Personnel.

We assist clients to prepare and file Monthly Immigration Returns liaise with the various departments:

  • Inspectorate
  • Aliens
  • Comptroller’s Office
  • To ensure appropriate data are availed the NIS.

Such Returns are filed on a Monthly basis and the NIS requires all businesses hiring Non-Nigerians to remit the information in the required format on or before the fourth day of the following month for the preceding month’s Returns.

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