Expiry Documents Reports

The processes of obtaining proper documentation to live and work in Nigeria can seem like an endless maze of twists and turns. New regulations or lack of posted regulations, new rules of reciprocity, peculiar or novel situations not envisaged by Immigration regulations and other matters tend to complicate a relatively smooth process of visa issuance.

When a visa is issued at the Nigerian Embassy and the traveller arrives at the Nigerian Port, the Immigration Officer is at liberty to determine the length of stay. Consequently, a traveller issued a three months valid visa at the Nigerian Embassy in his Home country. Could have his stay reduced to 30 days by tan Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry.

In such situations, we advise our clients to always specify the duration of stay and where they have return tickets, make this fact known to Immigration at the Port of entry. We also advise that persons given dates shorter than their desired length of stay MUST contact us immediately for remedial action.

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